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Four Nights in Japan

Photos from Tokyo, Japan, 14-18 of April 2016 with brother and myself.


Senso-Ji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. How we wound up here? We stayed in Ueno area, which is really close to Asakusa stop on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. I had no idea this was Tokyo’s oldest temple.

The red creature says three fingers is all.

I remember I was tired but as I was getting closer I forgot about that and all my energy became focused on the immensity of the structures in front of me. Maybe I was dreaming.

This was in a door before entering the Temple grounds area.

A parking area for bicycles? I think. A lot of bicycles.

Parking area for bicycles from another angle.

Restaurant joint sign in Shibuya area.

Food in window display for a restaurant. I didn’t get to try as much food as I would’ve wanted but I did eat tempura shrimp, ramen and udon.

Bikes everywhere. That’s always a good sign in a city.

Minami Senju area. We rode our bicycles by the edge of the river on the left hand side of the picture all the way to the tower.

Street art stuff in Shibuya.

I just had to.(Inside of Metro)

This young model was being photographed in the famous scramble area in Shibuya.

Reflections in Shibuya.

I should’ve obeyed. I put down my coffee for one second right in front of this sign for this photo, I turn around and my drink was gone. There’s always a worker cleaning the area.

First photo taken after arriving at Shibuya Station.

Photo taken from the bicycle. Brother in front.

We had a great experience eating this ramen bowl at Ichiran in Ueno. You eat it in a cubicle booth area and you order through a vending machine. The ramen had me sweating but it was delicious.

Not ashamed to say that I enjoyed eating at 7 Eleven pretty much all the time I was in Tokyo. A wide variety of bento box lunches and dinner to choose from.