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Public Parks II

August 20, 2016. Saturday. I woke up this morning and I said, another park. Why not? Herman Brown Park is 14 km away from my house and has great trails for biking or walking. I took my bike again, The Red Giant. It was around 10 am, with very little people around.

Herman Brown Park sign. I actually took this picture towards the end of my ride.


A lot of trees and a lot of shade is always good. 32 degrees Celsius is manageable sunny weather for a humid climate.

Red Giant posing, looking all sexy with the caption ‘Block’ on the…

Always love these bike roads, wish they would connect the entire city of Houston. For now, these end in a neighborhood.

Herman Brown Park’s bike trails were not the longest but very enjoyable. I love riding and thinking about whatever I think about when I’m riding. That made no sense.

They have dirt trails too.

Nice little bridge here.

Should I leave picture on? I left it. Crossed a guy who said he had seen a snake. Sad to say I didn’t see a snake.

My favorite view of the trails, the freeways are visible in the distance, the traffic of automobiles can be heard.

A resting place with a tag. I got a snap from a friend that asked where I was. I told him to meet me downtown so we could hit the long bike trails there.


Overall, a very enjoyable park. Now I have covered the main parks with bike trails from my side of town. Maybe, next I’ll begin covering the walking and jogging parks from my side of town. For now, this is it. Peace.






Street Art of Houston, Summerwood area.





If the history that just happened a few hours ago is sometimes distorted, what makes you think the history of hundreds of years is plausible. (Not all, obv)

Just a thought.

May the new year bring everyone good health, happiness & wisdom.