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en-glitch ii

put me in a glitch
whenever you want
the streets that you walk
sit by the window
see your reflection
inhale the perception
a sanctuary to keep all thoughts consuming free fall waterfalls by the lampshade

put me in another glitch
to pitch holy radiation
we’ll jump-rope side-by-side eternally
to a petty tradition
taken at night through an out-of-body experience

the years passed and one rolled over the other
in my car where you naturally shed skin
leaving behind the terrors in your dreams

this is not me



excuse the attempt of stillness

everything around us is a soothsayer foreseeing plants inside a yolk egg. we travel the elixir of our dreams up through sun spells of liberating mind fields symbolizing anything you want them to mean. a single dot grain of sand erasing your gashing wound.

Sentinel Town

Life conceived from an oceanic uteri
Lathered on eon fists
In dreaming film psis

From the corners of dark swells
Tolled the son
Shining midnight suns

Mixed Memories


What is thought but a thing invented out of thin air
I wanted more coffee but I was hungry and ate oatmeal
This jazz transferred light from distant
Multiple light year suns


Yesterday I walked the streets searching for an unknown perenthesis. I was lead by the signs of quasars on a rainy afternoon, and I let the raindrops fall on me while the sun shined.

I locked eyes with hers and she smiled.

Syncretistic E-Sicknatures

Light and shadow come together to make a pact
When it feels as if nothing is in control
Rudimentary light bulbs
In stray stars
Dreams unused
Comes the beauty in a voice
Singing piano silhouettes
axoloto1, cosmos, nebula, bill hicks,
Here’s a vid for kicks.

Neurvs Censored

yksin ajatuksiasi
miért nem tudsz repülni?
sýningarskápur vörum
teie koer hammustab lilled
Լուսանկարի Մագնիսներ

ifux wiff translator

You’ve molded the cauquesis
Of inferiority

nerves, art,