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Bike Trail 15.12.2016


Jesse H. Jones Park has a lengthy trail for cyclists and walkers.(Around 10 mi). A place to get away from it all and be with the trees.


This is how a bicycle highway would look like. I imagine this road would take me to Austin.



The trail runs along Spring Creek. 



Yield to the horses. I was a little disappointed that I did not run in to any actual horses but their was enough evidence of the yellowy horse shit left on the trails. 


Another View. You are allowed to fish here but must throw back the catch.


I went during the middle of the day around one pm. I saw around eight people during my ride. This was my second time here and so far is my favorite trail to get away for a few minutes.  


How I learned English living in Japan

英語学習者のみなさんへ。英語の勉強方法を書いてみました。英語で書いていますが、読んでみてください。日本語訳がいるようならあとで付け足そうと思います!!皆さんの役に立ちますように! So I am not sure if I am allowed to talk about my way of studying English because I am not fluent in English. but I guess this could help people learn English (or even another language in general, to readers who speak English as your native language.) so I’d love to share it…

Hiroshima – Obscura Coffee Roasters

Obscura Coffee Roasters in Tokyo’s young Sangenjaya district has a branch in Hiroshima. The location is sweet as it is in the city center and easy to access to department stores and the Peace Park. It opens at 9 a.m. and has plenty of seating. The front window on this quiet side street brings in sunlight […]

The blog and me.

The Women of Senegal – Part 2

Sorry, I can't stay long

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World Bank once published that “There is no investment more effective for achieving development goals than educating girls.” And as much as I think that it’s a no brainer: educating girls is primordial; I have run into people who disagree.

During my first week with the organization, I had the opportunity to accompany Adji Sanghor in her traveling, and together we visited over twenty schools in the area – where we met with the young girls sponsored by the program “Nos Soeurs à l’école” (“Our Sisters in school”). We spent entire days on the road. The trip was tough, and the roads were awful. It’s not even fair to say there were potholes in the asphalt. Instead, there were some asphalt chunks on the dirt roads. But that is not what I want to talk about.

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Gabriel Navar


75 x 28 in © 1997 GABRIEL NAVAR

This painting was created in 1997. At that time, I found myself painting on found objects such as windows, doors, tables – big objects. More paintings from this period can be found in my website. This painting (and other ones of this period) had to do with dreams being a sort of entrance (gateway… doorway) into another state of awareness, consciousness and form(s) of creativity.

Gabriel Navar

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