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Santiago/Valparaiso, Chile 2017

I was in Chile April 18-20, 2017, Tuesday-Thursday. A quick trip with the brother. The city of Santiago is quite easy to navigate, from the airport we took the green Turibus which takes us to the first metro stop, “Pajaritos”. We did what we always do, walk around, get lost, take pictures.

We had some bad luck on Wednesday because it was a national holiday called “Dia del Censo”. Census!!!! Someone said it happens every five years. Well, we found out about this when we were in the beautiful port town of Valparaiso. Valparaiso is known for its street art all over the city, its bohemian lifestyle and history with famous poet Pablo Neruda. When we arrived to Valparaiso on Census day, it felt surreal, every business was closed and there was very few people out walking the streets. It felt like a zombie apocalypse. We later found out about the holiday. We got lucky to find one small corner store selling the last sandwich, we bought it along with some water to survive the day.

What a view this is, we walked upward towards a church in Valparaiso.

This area was a display of street art. Also, many hostels.

View from the same area up high by the church. Across sits a cemetery. Photo credit goes to brother on this one.

This is a school.

These were the books in the hotel room. Interesting. I had no time to read. Photo taken with phone.

Alternate universe girlfriend left me a message of love in Spanish.

This was around the time when we found out that every business was closed because of National holiday Census day. The streets were ours.

This was in Santiago. I had a bad photo shooting day, I had the settings on my camera all wrong. Too much brightness but I liked how this one came out.

Translated to: “In the society of consumers, you are only a number.” Photo in Valparaiso, Chile.

In Santiago. Too much brightness again, plus the sun was shining right on this. I still like it.

This was calling me to take the picture. I heard it talk to me. In Valparaiso, walking towards the church area, we were still in low level and not up high. Taken with Snapchat app.

In Santiago, after walking all day, with right foot pains, we stumbled on to this. Taken with Snapchat App.

This little store was a day saver in Valparaiso. Everything was closed and here we found the last sandwich and we bought some chips and water for the rest of the day before we headed back to Santiago on the bus, a two hour ride.

YEAH. We had the wrong plug. I had the Euro plug for France and not this one. This one is a little bit smaller. We had to buy it at the electronic store. That was an adventure in that store.

This is a little plaza area just before we began walking upwards to the church area.

Photo outside of the hotel we stayed at in Santiago, Chile by the Universidad de Chile subway station. Hotel Vegas.


Since I was in the land of Pablo Neruda I took the moment at the bus station to write a poem, or my version of a poem while we waited for the bus. Typed on Notepad app.

Green Umbrella
un viejo pajaro en pajaritos
girl in pink jacket riding pink bicycle
right foot pains brings the rain
santiago white skies
when i’m old and gray i’ll say
somewhere along the way
i began to drink my water carbonated
everybody eats hot dogs here
and they’re all the same
the hot dogs
that is
no trumpets allowed

Abandoned Couch


Not For Many

Taken from my Snapchat account during a bicycle ride…   
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Houston by Night/RIP Payphone 


Life Preserver 


Light Voyage


Kitchen Dance Floor


Midnight: 2 Pictures


I don’t know what to name this, I’ll just go with this

what if I stayed home all day

and never went out

and only drank tea

and never answered phone calls

because they make me anxious

so I turn off all ringers

and turn on the clouds

and watch it shower over the world

and watch the lightning in darkness

as it illuminates horizons

like a photograph

lighting up the trees

on and off as the leafs rustle

then the silence of everything

and you’re caught talking out loud

as everything else stands still and quiet

and then more quiet as your last words create existence

and the silence makes a joke of this silent friend

y yo aqui detras de este microscopio en escaleras de vagabundo

Love Signs In Bathroom Stalls

Love Signs In Bathroom Stalls