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The Real Fake Foie Gras


it’s a world of clubs self diagnosed with interventions. you can either carry a torment with you or surf with the breeze. but at the end of the day you can hook your branch around the city and grow past the atmosphere until it peaks out of the galaxy of your mind.

this is not me



Spill Response

Hello, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something, and here I am alive and well. I’m laying down in my bed listening to some music and typing in to this cellular phone.  I’ve been trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs,  but the key word is trying.

So, hopefully I can get back in rhythm of posting, it must be the cold weather. (Hey, I have to blame something.)

Now I had never heard of Mr. Aaron Swartz before his passing. But just reading a few of his blogs ect, I can tell the man was sincere.

“Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. I think of what a lot of people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity. “-Aaron Swartz

Picture Unrelated


a fixed penetrable gaze through symbols
Squiggly lines
That have meaning
It’s a state of mind refreshed
Blank restart
A passionate rendition
I fix my penetrable gaze through these symbols
and found myself looking at…
Squiggly lines
With no meaning
Passed through generations
Squiggly lines
That lose and gain כוכבית translations
Squiggly lines
With power to move masses
Squiggly lines
With no meaning
Fixed gaze by apes

this is happening now
This moment will never happen again-axo1ostot1e

Motivational Programming

There will come a time in your life when you will ask yourself a series of questions.
Am I happy with who I am?
Am I happy with the people around me?
Am I happy with what I’m doing?
Am I happy with the way my life is going?
Do I have a life or am I just living?
Do not let these questions strain or trouble you just point youself in the direction of your dreams find your strengh in the sound and make your transition.

Do not spend to much time thinking and not enough doing.
Did I try the hardest at any of my dreams?
Did I purposly let others discourage me when I knew I could?
Will I die never knowing what I could have been or could of done?
Do not let these doubts restrain of trouble you just point yourself in the direction of your dreams.
Find your strength in the sound and make your transition.

There will be people who say you can’t – you will.
There will be people who say you dont mix this with that and you will say “watch me”.
There will be people who will say play it safe, thats to risky – you will take that chance and have no fear.
You wont let these questions restrain or trouble you.
You will point yourself in the direction of your dreams.
You will find the strength in the sound and make your transition.

For those who know its time to leave the house and go back to the field.
Find your strength in the sound and make your transition.

edit: added lyrics

Speech at the end of Cliff Hanger by Blackalicious

In case anyone out there ever wants to know where the speech from Cliff Hanger comes from, it’s taken from the “Free Huey” rally by Kwame Toure.
The song Cliff Hanger has instantly become one of my favorites. The speech by Stokely Carmichael (a.k.a. Kwame Toure) appears on this video at 5:24, but I recommend you listen to the whole song, it’s a trip. A good one.

Here’s the video of the speech from the “Free Huey” rally. It start’s at 6:00. Which appears on Cliff Hanger.

“All we are saying is give peace a chance”-Lennon

Today is John Lennon’s 31st Death anniversary and his message is still heard throughout the world in his music.
Gimme some truth

Give peace a chance, with a warm gun…haha j/k but it’s my fav Beatles song.

“101 East – China’s cyber warriors”

Voices From The Ground

I know this is a year old but still very important. Boycott. Senate Bill 1070