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Mexico City Trip 2017

Hello friends. Another quick get away, this time to Mexico City and a quick stop at other towns. This trip was mostly about reconnecting with family. The trip took between Thursday 16.02.2017-Friday 24.02.2017. And I took my mother with me.

Arriving at Mexico City brought back familiar memories of rowdy streets filled with crowds of people, cars honking with the (ching* a tu madre tone). Some things don’t change and it’s what makes Mexico unique with its mágico pueblos and firey people. I even recorded a street fight between 2 middle aged ladies but what happens in snapchat stays in snapchat for 24 hours.

During my one week stay I ended up in a couple of day trips that included, Teotihuacan, Puebla, Tula and Real del Monte. I even got one molar tooth fixed because the dentist is hella expensivo in USA. I visited a couple of ruins which my cousins and uncles/aunts were kind enough to take me. Even 80 something grandpa tagged along to see the Tula ruins. (Even though he’s seen them before)

It was an honor to see my grandparents again, I have learned to appreciate the long line of family that it takes to make it this far into the present moment, from our past anscestors hung up on the walls in black and white photographs, to us. Nothing is perfect, specially family trees. And here we are alive and breathing. But will our online life last longer? Who knows. Here’s some photographs.

One of the first days in Mexico City, Tlalnepantla to be exact. Picture taken from a Pedestrian bridge crosswalk.

A lot of people don’t like the establishment and they do stuff like this.

“No estacionarse” translates to “Don’t park”.

Doors and red color for viewing pleasure.

I took a snapchat picture of this and then after continuing walking I had to come back and shoot this with the DSLR. Abandoned shoes? Can’t tell if they are abandoned or on display.


That day was “National day of Combis” in Mexico. All kinds of Combis.

Here’s one of my favorites.

Yes, even on the way to the top of Pyramid of the sun in Teotihuacan, you can catch a trash can tattoed full of stickers.

Teotihuacan, from the pyramid of the moon. In the distance, on the left hand side is the pyramid of the sun where the sticker trash can can be found.

One day trip in Puebla was a little bit too fast but I got to shoot this catheral. Two hour drive was tiring but worth it for the Cemita.

From Tula’s ruins.

Los Atlantes de Tula. These guys are too cool.


I would like to return to this hidden treasure of Real del Monte one day. Another of the many ‘Magico’ places in Mexico.

Pink building, Cultural Center.

Cathedral in Real del Monte.

This green Volkswagon was calling me for a picture.

Ancient towns are the best. You are instantly thrown into a time machine into the past.