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Public Parks II

August 20, 2016. Saturday. I woke up this morning and I said, another park. Why not? Herman Brown Park is 14 km away from my house and has great trails for biking or walking. I took my bike again, The Red Giant. It was around 10 am, with very little people around.

Herman Brown Park sign. I actually took this picture towards the end of my ride.


A lot of trees and a lot of shade is always good. 32 degrees Celsius is manageable sunny weather for a humid climate.

Red Giant posing, looking all sexy with the caption ‘Block’ on the…

Always love these bike roads, wish they would connect the entire city of Houston. For now, these end in a neighborhood.

Herman Brown Park’s bike trails were not the longest but very enjoyable. I love riding and thinking about whatever I think about when I’m riding. That made no sense.

They have dirt trails too.

Nice little bridge here.

Should I leave picture on? I left it. Crossed a guy who said he had seen a snake. Sad to say I didn’t see a snake.

My favorite view of the trails, the freeways are visible in the distance, the traffic of automobiles can be heard.

A resting place with a tag. I got a snap from a friend that asked where I was. I told him to meet me downtown so we could hit the long bike trails there.


Overall, a very enjoyable park. Now I have covered the main parks with bike trails from my side of town. Maybe, next I’ll begin covering the walking and jogging parks from my side of town. For now, this is it. Peace.


Public Parks

The following pictures were taken on Saturday, August 6, 2016. The three subjects are three local Public Parks, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Alexander Deussen Park which are the first two and are located in the same area by Lake Houston on the North East side of Houston. I’m pretty familiar with these two parks which are really close to home (3 miles). Keith-Wiess Park is the other park and it was my first time there. A lovely park with great cement trails for bikes and walking. This park is on the North Side of Houston.

During the last couple of years I’ve been going to this park with my bike. Let me explain. I drive here three miles from my house with the bicycle mounted on my car and I park and then I ride around. The thing about this park is that the road is empty, very few cars in the way, plus you can ride to Alexander Deussen Park which is less than five minutes away (even though, you actually get back on the main road where there are more cars, but on this particular day it wasn’t the case).


These trails are fun when more people use them and the trail is visible. I went through this morning and it was a jungle in there. I might be exaggerating but it was difficult to tell which area was the trail. I didn’t finish it, I turned back and went on the road. Next time I will walk it.

The maps of the dirt trails and road.

The road area in this park is plentiful, not many cars. Sometimes, you can see deer.


There’s a few stops like this where you can pretend to fish. I haven’t seen anyone catch a big one yet but people can try their luck.


The red giant, posing for the picture. Rubber gloves and trash left behind by some humans.

Bike routes in Houston need some help but we’re working on them.

Rest area with sacred thrones.

There’s the almost abandoned playground.

Alligator sign.

Here’s park number two, Alexander Deussen Park, which on the cell phone map you will notice how close it is to D.D.E. Right here on the entrance is a dog park. It’s a very popular spot to bring dogs and walk them. I didn’t get too close as I don’t have a dog. I road to the lake, Lake Houston that is.

Lake Houston, across of the Lake is Huffman.

Another point of view. People bring their Jet Ski’s and boats and spend afternoons killing time.

The third park, I arrived around 10:30 a.m. and it felt scorching hot with the crazy humidity we’re accustomed to feeling. This park surprised me. The cement trails are so nice. This park is around six miles from home and I had never been here. Crazy!

Trails for walking and biking.

The trail ended here and it starts here for the people who live around here. The neighborhood around here is mostly Latinos, I heard some roosters in the distance. But there’s also a trail here in this park that can take you far south. I didn’t ride that trail but I will be back like Arnold Swagzenagger. 

Lovely, so much shade. You would think more people would be here on a Saturday but this park seems to hide in plain site. On the map, you can see the green terrain.

Practically the same picture. I encountered like three other humans. I think some people thought I was catching Pokemons. I thought some kids were catching Pokemons. Wait, now that I recall, I did see a family mostly wives with young children. I had to say, “Excuse me, coming through”.

I would never think this was here.

That’s the trail that can take you many miles south as seen on the map app.

No pescar. I saw a turtle swimming on this bridge.