Intro Inverted Vegas

What’s up world? It’s been another minute, I hope everything is good. I’ve been keeping low, creepin’, vacuumed by the everyday monotonic routines of life. But I’m in a clear state of mind which is key.

I was back in Vegas Dec. 16, Monday morning. We land early. My two buddies and myself take a shuttle to the hotel. The hotel is not ready until two hours, so we walk and walk.


I Yelp the surrounding area for food. I’ve heard of Tacos El Gordo and it’s close by. I order two tacos de trompo and a quesadilla. The place is legit Mexican food, tasty, cheap street food. Definitely beats the ten dollar standard lunch plates inside most casinos.

I did a few hours of poker. (4 hrs is a few right?) Compared to true grinders, I think so. As a matter of fact, I started this blog as a poker blog and I have really enjoyed how this blog has evolved.
But here it goes. I’ve started this thing I call #picdumping or #picdump on instagram. A little crop and boom, upload. But I think the real pic dumping will be on here.

So stay positive! Until Next time!







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