Dancing toubabs and colorful boubous

Sorry, I can't stay long

Mermoz, Dakar, Senegal | Samedi 21 Septembre 2013

This weekend wasn’t as tedious as the previous ones. In fact, it was my best one thus far. After finishing the toughest 6 page paper on Senegalese culture and Wolof values, all the MSID students wanted to celebrate. And we did, Friday night we all went to Amanda’s roof top for a picnic, we each brought something we liked and shared – one of the many values the Senegalese emphasize. The place felt like a sauna, just like anywhere else in the city, but with good food, pleasant company and drinkable wine, no one was complaining. It was a good way to start the weekend, and end a stressful week. I apologize for the lack of good photos, it was dark and the ones we took aren’t appropriate.

Esse fim de semana não foi tão chato quanto os anteriores. Na verdade, foi…

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