THE Holly Scroll & PROROK



The gathering of information passed on to the next generation. A childlike voice desperately longs for Existence.

I passed by a mirror and I wasn’t there.
But there’s no rhythm to this?

There’s a train approaching
At midnight
With the sound of light
Screaming in names of alubii

With thundering herd of fate
Dodged at roadside
Creating gaps and misplaced stars
Building maps of missed moments

Sometimes life’s not fair
But you survive many obstacles
To get to where you are
That alone is a miracle
Worth another life

As I get older
I know I’m caught
In a whirlpool of
Ever space

And the sun is still shining
Before we get the worms

Eternal sleep


2 responses to “THE Holly Scroll & PROROK

  1. Sheesh the PROROK image is a knockout! “a whirlwind of ever space” – fantastic line.

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