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Neurvs Censored

yksin ajatuksiasi
miért nem tudsz repülni?
sýningarskápur vörum
teie koer hammustab lilled
Լուսանկարի Մագնիսներ

ifux wiff translator

You’ve molded the cauquesis
Of inferiority

nerves, art,


The Fastest Swimming Sperm

I’ve extracted these files that came through another dimension. When looking out into large bodies of water, I stop and think what a miracle that is, oceans, seas, lakes, it’s all a miracle, water united, a miracle often overlooked and taken for granted. I imagine myself looking down at earth from afar. But I’m on Google maps. Good enough for now. It’s all held together through harmony. When will we fix our egos? Primitive behavior, the battle against ourselves. All of this is like scrambled eggs, so don’t look for your standard paragraph written article. Next thing you know, I could be thinking about jumping rope or dreams where we die every night and you don’t even know it, but it’s the most heavenly death, worth dying a thousand deaths. Bunched up paragraphs, and Googling another random thought that will lead to a video that will lead to a new song that will lead to an interview that will lead to a recommendation of a book that I will soon be reading. Google is everywhere, but I can touch every particle that is unseen, every ray of light that is sun and every reflection of self in mirror of mirror of mirror of mirror, a nice number to the ultimate power. So this is what you came to be, from a child’s memory until now, all your memory is what you are, a collection of experience.

Sample from J Dilla’s Track 35 can be heard at 2:22 Banco del Mutuo Soccorso – Nothing’s the Same

J Dilla Track 35

prokahreeot kopi mystic

Agrix pascal from frontal lobe leash
Imagined sphinx in sunset beach
Tapped invisible signals of parallel zines
Strangers meet with standard niceties
Existential nice to meet U’s
Without knowing, you follow the links that unfold in place
The puzzle box of years seducing us

In ten minutes I will be waking up.
The alarm will sound.