Amsterdam in Four Days

We arrived in Amsterdam on Wednesday, Aug. 22 in the morning hours along with my good friend Hervey.
We were in Amsterdam for four nights and stayed in a few hostels meeting cool travelers.
Here’s a quick video I put together of the things we saw.

Music by MusSck
New friends from Spain. From left to right. (Friend Victor we met at hostel, me, beautiful Dunia, and my friend Hervey.) Victor was super cool with us, he showed us the local supermarket to help us save money, as we were on a budget.

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city. I wish I could live there for a summer, it was some of the best weather I have ever experienced, although while walking one evening we got rained on and had to take cover under a tree.
To truly experience the city like a local you have to ride a bike. Riding a bike took me back to childhood, and also made me wonder why the hell I don’t ride a bike back home.

The street art of Amsterdam is everywhere.

Not sure if it’s normal to park your bike like that.

We stayed in a five bedroom room and this was our crew for one night, and the funnest one. We were cracking up at this picture. All I can do is laugh every time I see it. (The young Aussie lads, in the middle and far right.)

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s the rest of the pics.

5 responses to “Amsterdam in Four Days

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  2. Cool shots. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. free penny press

    Wow.. I’m jealous..Amsterdam in the summer is a great place to visit…Love the pictures and video!!

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