Daytrip to DC

This past Wednesday (Aug. 15) I took a day trip to the nation’s capital with my brother.

We landed around noon and immediately headed over to Shaw neighborhood (Little Ethiopia) via the metro and stopped at an Ethiopian Restaurant called Zenebech Injera.
We ordered Doro Wat which is chicken stew with a hard-boiled egg, and injera which is a spongy flat bread all eaten with the hands. The food was delicious, I specially liked the spongy bread, but it filled me quickly. The red stew reminded me of Mexican “mole”.

Here’s some of the photos I took around the neighborhood.

Around the same neighborhood, we stopped at Som Records vinyl store. If you’re ever in DC and you are a vinyl collector I really recommend you to stop here. Music selections range from rock, jazz, reggae, brasilia, country, funk, and a $1 section! Overall, a great place to dig.

Short on time, we walked around the Washington Monument area before heading back to the airport.

Lincoln Memorial (As close as we were getting, too far to walk)


4 responses to “Daytrip to DC

  1. free penny press

    I love DC especially the Arlington area 🙂

  2. Great photos Marcos! I’ve never been in DC, but looks nice 😉

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