In the shower is where I could use the virtual “thought catcher”. It would transfer my thoughts and transfer them directly to this screen without typing. But the technology to complete this action is not available at the moment.

Instead, I have to finish showering, and then type everything. By then I’m thinking about something else. The sink and all the dried, shaved hairs that are reminiscent of dead fish washed ashore. 

But the shower is the box confessional with yourself. It is where thoughts race at a hundred miles an hour. It is spiritual, philosophical and it is your symbol of cleansing, (in a non-fanatical way) daily rebirth, baptism. Assuming you shower everyday, I’ll admit on the world wide web, I don’t do everyday. But my hygiene is presentable and under control.

Look around.
One day I woke up and everything was as it is.


2 responses to “Derticol

  1. Hmmmm I never thought of the shower that way before. Now I can’t avoid it. Have a great week. Stay clean.

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