I’m falling asleep with the cell phone facing me at eye sight, my left fingers asleep and numb from holding it to my eyes. I fumble the electronic device, it wakes me up, lands on my chest and my heart jumps a bit. Many thoughts race inside my head, about life, society, food, music, ect ect. But I guess that’s normal. So I lay in bed reading tweets ect ect, but before I go to sleep I usually (I try to remember every night) say a little prayer to God. I’m talking about the God of all positive truth, not God causing religion war. The God of no religion. The God that is everywhere and connects us all to every tiny matter; in the trees, air, stars, lightning, you, me, space, molecules, universe.
God of life.
Or no God.
Whatever works for you.
I close my eyes.


4 responses to “Sleep

  1. What a great way to fall asleep. Cool images.

  2. free penny press

    i call that the ‘cell-zen” mode πŸ™‚

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