A Few Seconds Before The Sun Goes Down

I’ll try to do this more often on here. I’ve been doing it on blogger for awhile, basically because no one reads it, and I’ll just type whatever comes to mind, mostly inspired by music playing in the background, if it makes sense or if it doesn’t I’ll experiment with words, wish I could do it on public walls but I rather not deal with the law.

Whatever the cause is/Sub-energy disease/Implanted emoticons from musical trees/A coveted Hungarian kíván/Remixed Cantonese/ Words/ Language/Anguish/A self explanatory conjunction/Obscured by our tongues/Sometimes our eyes/And sometimes our body language/Gives everything away that’s been hiding for centuries/Our frowns/Sad faces/Happy faces/Upside down smiles/Trained to act/React under microscopes/That shine reluctantly/Under the lights/A Few Seconds Before The Sun Goes Down


3 responses to “A Few Seconds Before The Sun Goes Down

  1. Kinda funny yet cool. Great photo and the text is fantastic.
    Keep ’em coming.

    You are not alone – I basically just post on blogger for myself for the same reasons you do – no one was reading it. WordPress is definitely the place for activity it seems. Peace. Keep up the great work.

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