Way up High

Pictures from this past Sunday at Sheldon Park next to the reservoir.
A nice view of Sheldon Reservoir in Houston from a tower. (First time there, and I live 5 mins away.)
And some friendly gators.


4 responses to “Way up High

  1. free penny press

    Oh I love these pics.. Houston as in Texas? ..my daughter lives there 🙂

    • Thank you.
      Yeah, slightly off the city limits of Houston, on the Northeast side of town. This tiny park is off the beaten path well hidden. …daughter in Houston..awesome:)

  2. What a great preamble to your blog!
    I’m enjoying your eye very much. You’ve a very unique gaze at things and a great sense of composition!

    • Thank you, I appreciate your compliment.
      I read your poem earlier while at work through reddit.
      Excellent write of “aphrodisiac”.
      I started following your wordpress and will be looking forward
      to reading more of your inspiring writes.

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