Post Hacktotum

This is my comfort zone, the fingers typing away at the keyboards, no one around; music, my thoughts, and everything in between.
I’m most comfortable in the back seat of the bus, in the back of the classroom, stepping away from the yapping little groups that form at “get together’s”, gazing up at the sky and wondering at the infinite wonderments of the eternal dusk.
Getting off from work, inside my car away from chaos, away from the beautiful routine that slowly becomes our sadness when we’re absent, endless signs point us in all directions, “Construction Ahead”, “Dead End”, but there is no dead end, sometimes you have to get off your car and walk in to the forest, and get lost.

Then, the next thing you know…we’re all slaves.-Gamer

Now, I didn’t really like Gamer movie too much, but that line I did like.

Have a wonderful day/night.

Picture credit to: DasGhul


2 responses to “Post Hacktotum

  1. free penny press

    oh I like..alot..

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