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So Sick Mental Beats

A mix of talented hip-hop producers. Chillax & bump your speakers to max.


Fresh off the funky oven mind

bogatus self cassiterite

Bass Lute Fog
Baffles Gothic use
Faun the Methyl Hovels
For a springtime blandientur

Be awaken for a riverish karmiatude
In your splendid Izlandi
Eccrises snoot unstopped by
Dream snatchers of the psyche

I’ll hold your hand
When We reach the top
Of the metaphorical mountain
Syttyä with fire with
Pesto onus ardient desire

Empty Vessels Make The Loudest Sound

Edit: So empty vessels song was deleted by WB. I'll put the single and also the movie Idiocracy. 🙂

<3<3<3The New Album Noctourniquet Mar. 27!!!