You’ve Felt It Your Entire Life

I posted a video of this movie (They Live) awhile back, sometime last year.
Now CEvolutinTV made a video with excerpt from the Matrix to go with the film They Live, I think it fits in well.


8 responses to “You’ve Felt It Your Entire Life

  1. This is incredible. Great great stuff!

  2. Reblogged this on mobius faith imaging and commented:
    This just blew me away when I saw this and wanted to share it with all of you who follow my blog. Thanks to marcoselchiche for originally posting this. Be sure to check out his cool blog.

  3. Great video and oh so true, and oh so scary too.

  4. Consuming will consume us in the end, if we don’t “WAKE UP”! [Actually it’s already “consuming” us, i just hope this “cataract” is not irreversible.]

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