Vice Documentaries

It’s good to know what happens around the world, and since most of us can’t make it to the craziest places like North Korea, (and don’t want to), here’s Shane Smith and his crew “Vice” taking care of business doing dangerous journalism in places like North Korea, Liberia, Prypiat, Ukraine (Chernobyl) and the list goes on.

I first saw this show last year and the North Korea footage was the first one I watched, now they have released another one, but this one has to do with North Korean secret Labor camps in Siberia.

Here’s some of my favorite ones that I have watched so far, so gather your family around the Christmas tree and computer screen and watch some incredible rare footage from around the globe.

1. Vice Guide to North Korea

2. North Korean Labor Camps

3. Vice Guide to Liberia

4. Mexican Narco Cinema

Be on the look out for Vice to be airing on HBO next fall!!


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