Pics at work & poker







Pictures pictures.
One, driving home the others @ work.
Finally made an account with lock poker and just enjoying the freerolls. I finished 61st out of 5000, 20 something payed, I busted my last 20 big blinds with AK vs chipleader A3.

And the friendly homegame with friends I flopped 52 and my friend had a flush draw for a pot enough to fill up your gas tank. My 52 held up. I had a great time overall that night. Oh yeah, blinds were .25/.50, just saying. 😉


4 responses to “Pics at work & poker

  1. Have you thought of playing for the real money?

    • I have before, on FTP, I played the daily dollars and Mini Ftops, good thing I didn’t have much money on there when black Friday happened. And if poker was legal here in Texas I would play more often. I have played cash games @Coushatta in Louisiana a couple of times.

  2. I autoshove 46s with that stack size.


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