Pius Heinz 2011 Main Event Poker Champ, #shipit

Good morning peoples, just waking up on my day off, I’m having some coffee, listening to some fresh music, the sun is out shining and I’m feeling great, even with a few hours of sleep.
The conclusion of the WSOP main event 2011 proved to be an incredible grind, with Benba Lamb going out early, he was clearly trying to put himself in a position to win, he lost the flip his KJ against Sztasco’s 77. I have no opinion on that play, it’s Benba, what an incredible player.

As I predicted, @mastap89 aka Pius Heinz took it down, with high level of play by both players, Sztazco IMO, had Heinz’s number for most of the match but clearly played his flush draws a little off, hence, Sztazco’s downfall.
As for Pius Heinz, there was two hands he folded where I couldn’t believe he did, both times having a full house, once with pocket sevens, with kk8-8x I believe, and the other with his 2-7, I can’t remember the board, but his deuce made a full house.

The commentating was great, I really enjoyed Antonio’s analysis of play, but bring Hellmuthicus back, one time!, best player ever, he has 11 bracelets, he finished runner-up three times this year, if not he would have 14 bracelets and player of the year.
(Sarcasm? You bet your ass.)

Well done @mastap89, he now has 8 milly in his pocket. #shipit



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