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Vids of the Day + Website for awesome underground Hip-Hop

The Pledge To Resist by Saul Williams, a one minute video, but very powerful words.

Subconscious War

They tried to make the world forget his name – Nikola Tesla the greatest Inventor of all time

The Find Magazine is a collection of underground music from all corners of the world, collected by some guys in Netherlands. I’m digging the site, I already discovered KLIM beats from Ukraine, check it out, he’s got some dope ass beats, it reminds me of the late Nujabes, the music puts me in a zone perfect for meditation.

Here’s his bandcamp page, free albums for download, for limited time. But if it’s no longer free, it’s still at an affordable price.


Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan Interviews in Cannes, France

Here’s a couple of new videos with Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan doing interviews in Cannes, France with the PokerTube guys. These are excellent interviews, both players looked comfortable and talked about what they’ve been up to after Black Friday.

Patrik’s Interview

durrrr’s Interview

Vid of the Day: Tom Morello on OWS

Vid of the Day Unaired Fox Footage

Vid of the day. Stoned Ape Theory

Vids of the day

A video on the Fed Reserve.

Interesting 10 min documentary on Koch Industries dumping toxic pollutants on a neighborhood in Arkansas causing cancer in most of them.

The Feynman Series (part 1) – Beauty