Monthly Archives: May 2011

My Mix

Here’s  a mix I made.  Hopefully you will enjoy!



My Prediction

As I predicted b4, Scott Seiver took down the WPT title for a whopping , $1,618,344.

In another note, I watched Lost in Translation for the first time and it’s going down on my favorites. Bill effin Murray was great in this flick, along with Scarlett Johanson.The movie is slow paced, in a good way for me, with awesome pictures of Japan. More than this, I love this song now and all the music in this movie. 8/10 in my book.

No Pasaran Video

I found my video on Alexei Makarov’s poker blog, pretty awesome, no wonder I started getting some views, not that many, but more than
usual. Apparently Alexei is Lucky gump from Russia, who is also NoPasaran, a professional poker player I feature in the video. IDK, I just thought that was very interesting, he is one of the best at PLO, tourneys or cash. My video is somewhere in the middle of the following page.

Alexei Makarov=NoPasaran???

On another note, Galen Hall has the chip lead with one final table, 6 remaining at the WPT World
Championchip. My prediction, Scott Seiver takes it down.