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Good morning San Diego!


LV street art

LV street art by El ChiChe1984
LV street art, a photo by El ChiChe1984 on Flickr.

LV Boulevard, back in march2011

El ChiChe q10 vs ak

Hello, here is a hand that went down earlier today. I think it was a standard call by me, the guy might be drawing to a flush or worst case, a flopped straight.  I still managed to build up my stack up to 14k, I finished 103 out of 3000-ish.

Kagome Kagome

I caught some 2-7 TD $1500-$3000 Limit cash game this morning, where
Kagome Kagome, formerly known as IHateJuice was running some
pros over.

El ChiChe

So I decided to start a blog, and document all the things that interest me. From poker, to taking pictures, music or any random thing that I feel like talking about. I will concentrate mainly on poker in this blog, but my other interests will follow along.