Houston by Night/RIP Payphone 


Life Preserver 


Light Voyage


Kitchen Dance Floor


Midnight: 2 Pictures


I don’t know what to name this, I’ll just go with this

what if I stayed home all day

and never went out

and only drank tea

and never answered phone calls

because they make me anxious

so I turn off all ringers

and turn on the clouds

and watch it shower over the world

and watch the lightning in darkness

as it illuminates horizons

like a photograph

lighting up the trees

on and off as the leafs rustle

then the silence of everything

and you’re caught talking out loud

as everything else stands still and quiet

and then more quiet as your last words create existence

and the silence makes a joke of this silent friend

y yo aqui detras de este microscopio en escaleras de vagabundo

Love Signs In Bathroom Stalls

Love Signs In Bathroom Stalls




Mystery of Gnawing 

critta to cat walk 
by the sidewalk exposed in the night
driving django-ed juxstapositions

I awake

kill the cream lantern

double moon planets in dreams

see Azerbaijan 

I awake

to the sound of road rattle


the right key at the right time forever

I awake I awake 


In Lost Angels…

Photos of 2day trip in Los Angeles with brother. Not planned at all. No real purpose of trip.

Spotted a Frank Zappa look-alike in Los Angeles.

Bearded man looking up. (At Venice Beach, CA)

Man on left was sporting a speedo. He blocks himself with a mini stereo to protect his identity. I silhouette the picture to hide his identity. Kid to his right on cell phone and skateboarding an all too familiar scene at Venice Beach.

They’re watching us. I’m watching right back. But these cameras are a joke.

The people of Venice are quite entertaining characters. This gentleman was selling mixed CD’s that included such hits as “the itsy bitsy spider” in reggae. You can imagine the sound coming from the speaker in the kid’s wagon. “Reggae for the Children”

A tagged palm tree, or whatever kind of tree this is.

Got my way around the city of Angels through their public transportation. (With the help of my brother and google maps). We rode with the working class and the everyday regular…..and this old lady was falling asleep. Bus trips kept the day interesting.

Venice Beach

At LAX picture waiting for our delayed flight back to Houston. Me on top left, bro on right. BTW, these pics are out of order.

At Venice Beach. Relaxing under this street-arted tree, getting some shade. I still managed to get my face sunburned and looking like Zoidberg.


The hotel walk to room 134, LAX Suites because everything is expensive. This place was incredible, only if it was located at the beach for the same price.

Me making fun of myself. Posed like this on purpose. Added that cube for effects. If I ever had the talent to make an album, this would be the album cover. (Album name “Washateria”).